"Seraj stands at the intersection of innovation and security, driving technological transformation for a secure tomorrow"


Guiding Iraq into a secure, technologically advanced future through visionary leadership

As a leading company in the market, we understand the complexities of security in the digital age. Our industry knowledge is matched only by our passion to provide top-tier security services.


Embodying durability in security solutions, built to protect, built to last

At Seraj, we build security systems designed to withstand time and threat. We use high-end, durable materials that ensure the longevity and effectiveness of our solutions.


Harnessing the power of modernity to redefine security in a rapidly evolving digital landscape

Our forward-thinking approach ensures that we stay abreast of the latest security trends and technologies. By aligning with Seraj, you align with the future of security.

Our Partnerships

“Building enduring, transformative partnerships for a secure, technologically-advanced future”

Infinite Possibilities

At Seraj, we believe that the potential for growth and innovation is limitless, hence our motto: "Infinite Possibilities". We stand at the intersection of security, fintech, office automation, programming, sound engineering, and educational technologies, poised to revolutionize each of these sectors with our cutting-edge solutions.

Digital Transformation

We view digital transformation as a journey that encompasses all aspects of an organization, and our suite of solutions - ranging from security and fintech to office automation, programming, sound engineering, and educational technologies - are designed to guide our clients along this path.

Good Quality Printers

Our collection includes compact, efficient models perfect for home offices, as well as high-speed, multifunctional printers suited for larger businesses. Each printer in our range promises top-notch performance, durability, and reliability, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment.

Who we are

At the intersection of modernity and durability, we offer unrivaled protection and peace of mind for our clients.

We are the decisive factor behind your success

Seraj is a technology titan, standing at the forefront of Iraq’s digital transformation. We specialize in a comprehensive suite of solutions encompassing security, office automation, programming, fintech, sound engineering, and educational technologies.

Our ambition is to revolutionize the way businesses and governmental entities operate, breaking barriers and forging the path to an innovative future. As the vanguard of technological evolution, we strive to make a lasting impact on the progression of our nation, embedding modernity and durability into the very fabric of our services.

Security Solutions: At Seraj, we understand the paramount importance of security in the digital age. Our high-end, durable security solutions offer unrivaled protection, ensuring businesses and governments can operate with absolute peace of mind.

Office Solutions: We empower organizations with cutting-edge office automation solutions that streamline operations, increase efficiency, and foster a dynamic work environment.

Programming Solutions: Our programming expertise sets us apart. We develop bespoke software solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients, driving their digital transformation journey.

Fintech: In the fast-paced world of finance, we deliver fintech solutions that revolutionize the way businesses handle financial transactions, making them safer, faster, and more efficient.

Sound Solutions: Seraj is also a leader in sound engineering, providing advanced audio solutions that enhance communication and create immersive experiences.

Education Solutions: We firmly believe in the power of education. Our innovative educational technologies are transforming teaching and learning processes, preparing the next generation for a technologically-advanced future.